How does business respond with a web design and a successful web design?

You should be aware of this question if you really want to go a long way with your website. Yes, designing your website is a difficult and most intelligent part of your business. Many times I found that people asks for a web design with a reference site or similar. But you need to understand that every business is different even if you are selling same thing like your competitor. To engage your customer, you need to utilize your web design first. To understand this question and its impact on your business, we need to know what is called a web design and a successful web design.

What is the definition of a successful web design?

In one word, a design that makes your customer/user happy to revisit your site, is called a successful web design.

Here are few key things that we should follow –

1. Understanding your market and audience objectives –

Keep your website simple with exactly what your customers/users are looking for. Do not include anything that is not relevant for your products or services. That makes users unhappy.

I have seen many times that a beautifully designed website doesn’t do what I need it to do. Less information about product/ services, overloaded with irrelevant things, slow to load, hard to navigate and many times it doesn’t really appear in the search results. I believe you also have similar experiences as me.

Important Note: Define your goals, conversion points for each page is important. It is also suggested that you use calls to actions to answer your users needs. Then you should move forward to the design with SEO scopes.

2. Bases to make your design a success –

a. Design –

Keeping the right balance between modern designs yet simple in nature, informative as engaging and SEO optimized design is a key to success. You may find challenges when judging visual presentation with HTML, CSS elements. Think like a marketer or SEO specialist so then you can easily find a balanced layout for your website. This includes findability, readability and crawlability for your site. You may find more on best SEO practise here.

Important Notes: Your design should reflect what your users want. Always make easy navigation that doesn’t confuse your users. Use latest design trend with flat look and feel with maybe neutral colors or colors that doesn’t hurt your eyes. Every element on page should feel like they are attached to each other in terms of design pattern and color.

b. Content –

Relevant content will connect your page elements together and this is where your design will start singing with your users. Yes you need to place keywords inside your contents. Make sure every piece of content is relevant to your business. No other content will work if it is not relevant even if it has keywords. You must have clear and relevant headlines to capture readers attention.

c. Usability and Integration –

People regularly uses different devices to consume contents online. It is important that you design a responsive layout for your website that seamlessly renders on mobile, tabs and desktops/laptops. Responsive web design will display your site in any screen size so your users will get everything on any device.

Social media plays a key role for your website performance and a successful web design must integrate with social platform. This is not only placing social buttons on your site. Make sure you provide share options as well as integrate link campaigns from Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter. Thus the traffic will definitely increase.


This is what I mean by a successful web design. On other hand, you can say that web design that don’t follows the above mention facts, is called a “normal web design” that will not improve your business for sure. This keeps impression on search engines as well as on your users. Don’t worry if you have a high bounce rates because you can certainly work on these points to reduce your bounce rates and increase returning visitors on your site.

Lastly, keep in mind that your website is for your users and not for search engines. But it is also true that if your site is not discovered by the search engines with relevant search, it will be negative for your business. So keep balance on what I mentioned on the successful web design.

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