Always prefer a focused WordPress theme

Themes with too much options can make you confuse and unproductive!

I am writing this article for those people who are looking for a WordPress theme for their business or personal websites. You probably have heard lots about pre made WordPress themes (both premium and free). Lots of people say that a free theme can be dangerous in terms of security. Well I would say it’s obviously better to choose a paid version of a theme. Because you will get supports for a paid theme. On other hand, it is also good if you use free themes from a reputed theme seller or from Its is important that you prefer a focused WordPress theme for your business.

Before you use any theme, you should consider few key things. Think about your need first. You should be focused on your business goals about your website. Here comes the important part of choosing a theme.

Many options means much complexity in initial setup and maintenance

Lots of paid themes comes with multipurpose use. That means you will have lots of lots of features on a single theme. Now you need to customize every possible thing to match your need. This is really unwanted by any user I am sure. Today top marketplaces sells themes with numerous numbers of features. They insists authors to do so with their products. This is not good from a customer view point. Customers like me will always try to find specific things in themes as per the business goals and surely I will not buy any theme that comes with unnecessary options. It will certainly increase my time and distract my goals.

So don’t confuse yourself with a theme that has multipurpose use. Be focused and try to grab a focused theme for your business. You can check the theme details, live preview as well as the purpose of the theme. If a theme has the functionality, features that you need, you should use that really. If it also does other things that is unnecessary for you, don’t go for it. Many options of customization can distract you.

At, we try to solve this issue with our focused WordPress theme and site templates. Often authors try to find ways to increase sells without thinking of customers need. But at TemplateArtist, we only value the customer need and we design themes with focusing on specific topic or business. As an example, if you have a real estate business, your theme should work for only real estate business. Thus you will have great opportunity to extend your business.

So next time when you select a theme, think and choose a focused WordPress theme wisely.

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