Advantages of a Hand Coded WordPress Website Template

A WYSIWYG site is easy to create and saves time. There are numerous automated website builders that have inbuilt drag-n-drop tools. But nothing can beat a hand coded WordPress website template which can be customized to individual clients’ requirements.

Limitations of an automated website builder

Similar in appearance: There is a level of sameness in the output when creativity is comprised. The designer works within the parameters of the tools like page builder or so. Pre-coded plugins and tools do not leave room for customization. The most the designer can do is adjust superficial characteristics like colour or shape. But the scope of use remains the same.

Are you dispensable: Some might say automated builders are easy to use. Anyone can design a website with the help of a ready-made template. The real challenge is in hand coding the template from scratch. This includes everything from aesthetics to functions. Besides, the Internet will be flooded with mediocre sites created by amateurs using visual editors. It is much better when professionals design excellent sites manually.

No control: The pages created using a site builder have a fixed location. The source code remains on the builder’s site. This leaves little room for changing hosts. If it is imperative for any reason, you have to rebuild all the pages and tools in the new location. Often the auto generated HTML and CSS has bad malicious codes which can harm your website to be visible on Google, Yahoo etc. This is the biggest disadvantage of an automated builder.

Reputation at risk: Using an automated website builder masks your true talent. What happens if the end-user experiences difficulty in using a plugin? The errors will reflect on you as the web designer.

Slow in loading pages: Most WYSIWYG sites have another major problem. The source codes are very complex. Every new component that you add is saved as a separate URL. Hence, the code ends up as a series of URL instructions. This will definitely cause web-page loading issues. Do you really want so much external dependency?

Why the hand coded WordPress Website Template is a better choice

In case of manual coding the designer has written every word and line. Adding functionality or aesthetics is easier. You can include video clips, tools and forms as well without difficulty. This is true for a hand coded WordPress website template as well because manual coding gives you complete freedom in designing the site. But if you want to add a pre-coded tool it must be flawless in their operation.

Premium WordPress themes comes with hand coded page templates which are compatible with all major plugins. Even automated page builders cannot do the same as per the custom design. Many unnecessary options in front of you can be confusing. You have no idea what you should do with it. So you will need to hire someone to do the same.

It is easier to do something right the first time. It is far worse to correct an error. You may wish to modify a particular pre-designed plugin because it does not meet the specific needs of your client . Debugging a ready-made tool is unthinkable since you don’t own the source code.

Automated website builders use the same templates and add-ins for numerous clients. Doesn’t that put your client’s website at risk? Nothing is preset while hand coding a website. Each client’s requirements are different and hence the site is customized to individual requests. This makes it more difficult for hackers to get into the site.

Manually coding a WordPress website template gives you complete freedom to prove your technical and creative skills. You will evolve as a developer with hand coded web designing. You are in total control.

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