3 Important Reasons To Buy Responsive Website Templates

Google statics show that 60-70 percent of web searches are on mobiles or tablets. Hence, responsive web designing (RWD) is a necessity. There are three main reasons why you should buy responsive website templates. But before you select one there are some important questions you need to ask:

  • Does it suit the particular business it is meant for?
  • Does it have all the necessary features?
  • Is the template reliable in its output?
  • Will it support the content?
  • Can you customize it?

Once you have all the answers you are ready to go.

1. Advantages of using templates for RWD

Why buy a responsive website template when you can use free templates? There are a number of reasons why you should. WordPress and HTML coding produces dynamic output on different screen sizes. The onscreen changes are fluid and the user-experience is good because features like navigation, zooming, scrolling, panning etc are error-free.

CSS and WordPress themes are perfectly suited to design a single site for all devices. There is no need for separate desktop-laptop versions and smartphone-tablet versions. If there are two sites Google has to index two URLs. In the confusion there are chances that both might be overlooked.

When you use responsive website designing there is just one site and one address. Your website can be searched and found very quickly irrespective of which device is in use. Hence, search engine optimization is one of the most crucial benefits of responsive design.

2. Benefits of using Bootstrap CSS for responsive designing

Bootstrap is a web designing framework that offers combined capabilities of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Also, it integrates very well with WordPress templates. Bootstrap has other benefits like:

Easy to design

Websites can be created very fast; thus saving time and cost. It has awesome coding blocks or mini codes that are readily available for designers.

High level of customization

One can increase or decrease the number of blocks giving the designer scope for customization. It provides ready-to-use tools for grids, tables, forms, variable-data input boxes, navigation bars, typography, graphs, graphics, labels, etc to suit responsive websites.

Very responsive websites

Along with varying screen sizes, the resolution of devices also differ. The grid layout (up to 12 columns) is one of the biggest benefits of using Bootstrap CSS. It has fluidity that adapts swiftly to suit different resolutions; making the experience for every user consistent and comfortable.

3. The scope of WordPress in responsive design

Bootstrap and WordPress templates give the designer scope to create vigorously responsive sites. When you buy responsive website templates, you expand your scope for adding aesthetics and functionality. To list a few:

Data tables – One of the most essential qualities of a table is readability and collation of data. Users may want to zoom in or out at will. They may also wish to scroll vertically or horizontally across the table. Besides these capabilities, a designer can add the function of generating graphs which appear as pop-ups or small images on the screen.

Site navigation menus – How responsive can you make the menu bar? No need to worry. When the screen is very small, the bar menu automatically changes to a drop down menu so that most of the options are displayed clearly.

Images – Fluidity of images is the core of responsive website designing. Whether they are static or dynamic, the images need to adjust to different screen sizes and resolution. The HTML tag of the image will set its identity. JavaScript will calculate percentage size and resolution to produce context-specific output.

Videos – iFrame embedded code should be used for responsive videos. Set the video to 100% height and width. Then “frame” it in a div container keeping a padding of about 50% at the bottom. No need to re-position the video because iFrame will adjust the output to suit the size of the screen.

People worldwide are constantly searching for products and services on mobile devices. When you buy responsive website templates you give your clients the most attractive and functional sites they could wish for. That’s good for their business as well as yours as a designer.

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