The secret of successful web business

The quality of the user experience will determine whether you have a successful web business. Everybody is already focusing on creating aesthetic designs and ensuring that the landing pages are loading fast. But there are various other factors that give your designing business a push in the right direction.


According to Google search statistics, there is an average of 40,000 searches each second; which means the day’s average is a massive 3.5 billion searches. And most web business comes through Internet searches.

Not everyone in the world knows about your business and the products/services that you offer. But there are millions of potential customers who may discover your site just by chance during a search.

At this point, optimization still focuses on optimal use-placement of keywords, relevancy of keywords and aesthetic design to prove your talents. What happens when the chance visitor inputs a query?


Selling services online is far different from selling products. A web searcher looking for a product can see images and specifications of the product on numerous sites. They can compare quality and prices and make an educated decision to buy.

If the web user has landed on your site, he must have seen something familiar that matches his requirements. From here on it is a question of solving the visitor’s problem and giving him what he wants. The persuasion takes place virtually.

Communication between designer and prospective customer takes place mostly via emails and conference calls. When a potential client sends a query and you reply, your email has to be so convincing that the buyer is willing to take the deal forward. Some essential qualities of a strong, convincing email are:

  • Self-confidence – You can be successful at convincing the client only when you believe in your own abilities and have the confidence that you can deliver on your promises.
  • Passion – When you are passionate about your work it will reflect in your words and you are already halfway to success.
  • Numbers speak – The email should contain some statistics and facts that speak about your past work and successes.
  • Positivity – Word your email in a positive manner. Many potential customers have absolutely no knowledge of technical terms. So clearing their doubts and fears in an empathetic manner makes the person willing to communicate.
  • Quality – Telling the client how you provide top quality services for the quoted price is insufficient. Provide references and testimonials that will add weight to your words.

Keeping a sample email reply could prove very helpful.


What do you do till the potential client makes a decision? Focus on the tasks that you need to repeat over and over again. through snippet management you can prevent duplication of work and save a lot of coding time. Keep often-needed IDE or JIT code snippets ready, so that they can be copy-pasted when required.


You can also refer to some code snippets that you should prepare in advance are:

  • Function prototypes of functions used very often;
  • Boilerplate codes where sections of code can be used without altering them in any way;
  • Codes pertaining to legal notices and copyright;
  • Django library imports; etc.

Read up Cameron Chapman’s “45+ Excellent Code Snippet Resources and Repositories” for more information on snippets. In fact, creating snippet codes can be a great side business.


DRY stands for “do not repeat yourself” !! Yes, it’s true if you are repeating your codes over and over again, you are doing it all wrong! Whatever technology you are using, you must not repeat yourself most of the time. Suppose you are building a WordPress theme and you will require lots of area where you need the exact same code. Write a function, class etc and don’t repeat yourself at all. You can add attributes, shortcodes to make your project easier.


There is nothing better if you deliver your projects on or before time. For that, you will have to work in a smart way. There is no project where you will not face any challenges or hurdles. Take it easy and use search engine like Google to resolve your issues in a shorter time. Use proper search keys and get result. Here your experience will help you to work really fast. I believe if you use search engine properly, you can accomplish anything.

Beside this, use any project management tool to keep tracking the issues, updates and upgrades with your client. Deliver what you have promised. Do not make your client wait for a reply. If you follow these, you will have a great future ahead. Nevertheless, your quality of the design and code will mater at the end of the day. If your code does not work or design sucks, no one can help you if you don’t help yourself. You should accept critics from the client or yourself. Study them and try to recover. This will take you to a successful web business.

There is a lot of competition in the website designing world. Ultimately, what will convince the prospective client – the most competitive price! And by being prepared you can offer the best price without compromising on quality; which will then culminate into a successful web business.

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