Improve Productivity at Work with Weekend Getaways

improve productivity

Life revolves around two entities – office and home. Either we are racing with targets and deadlines or dealing with household chores. The result is we feel stressed out and irritable. An occasional weekend getaway is what we all need to feel refreshed. It helps to improve productivity at work and has a great impact on our employee-rating during the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) evaluation.

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Educating Clients in 7 Easy Steps

educating clients

As a web designer, your business relies entirely on past, present and potential clients. Maintaining a good relationship with all clients sometimes seems difficult. It all depends on a designer’s capability of educating clients and setting achievable goals. Teaching them about your business and encouraging them to be self-reliant will help them to understand you and you can convince them that your services are value for money.

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From Newbie To Successful Freelancer In One Month

successful freelancer

Thinking of chucking your job to become a freelancer? You have a list of probable clients, educational qualifications and a few years of experience; so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get work, should it? It’s not that easy, believe me! You have to work really hard to even get the first assignment. Let’s see how you can move from being just a newbie to a successful freelancer.

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