Advantages of a Hand Coded WordPress Website Template

WordPress website template

A WYSIWYG site is easy to create and saves time. There are numerous automated website builders that have inbuilt drag-n-drop tools. But nothing can beat a hand coded WordPress website template which can be customized to individual clients’ requirements.

Limitations of an automated website builder

Similar in appearance: There is a level of sameness in the output when creativity is comprised. The designer works within the parameters of the tools like page builder or so. Pre-coded plugins and tools do not leave room for customization. The most the designer can do is adjust superficial characteristics like colour or shape. But the scope of use remains the same. Continue reading “Advantages of a Hand Coded WordPress Website Template”

Always prefer a focused WordPress theme

focused WordPress theme
Themes with too much options can make you confuse and unproductive!

I am writing this article for those people who are looking for a WordPress theme for their business or personal websites. You probably have heard lots about pre made WordPress themes (both premium and free). Lots of people say that a free theme can be dangerous in terms of security. Well I would say it’s obviously better to choose a paid version of a theme. Because you will get supports for a paid theme. On other hand, it is also good if you use free themes from a reputed theme seller or from Its is important that you prefer a focused WordPress theme for your business. Continue reading “Always prefer a focused WordPress theme”

How does business respond with a web design and a successful web design?

You should be aware of this question if you really want to go a long way with your website. Yes, designing your website is a difficult and most intelligent part of your business. Many times I found that people asks for a web design with a reference site or similar. But you need to understand that every business is different even if you are selling same thing like your competitor. To engage your customer, you need to utilize your web design first. To understand this question and its impact on your business, we need to know what is called a web design and a successful web design.

Continue reading “How does business respond with a web design and a successful web design?”